You see change on the horizon.  Your organization needs to either lead the change or adapt to it.  Unfortunately, seeing the ideal change and then getting a complex organization to follow is difficult, and we are already very aware that productive change cannot be accomplished by issuing a simple command.

How can Joe Norsworthy support you?  Most consultants focus on their holistic business skills and independence, allowing them to bring fresh ideas without being tied to the status quo.  These are important, and Joe Norsworthy definitely brings these attributes to the table.

The view of The Norsworthy Company is that the most crucial skill in providing strategy support to senior management is something other than the techniques and independence of an outsider.  Joe Norsworthy does not believe in simply crafting strategy and delivering it to a leadership team from them to implement.  For an organization to truly build and control its own destiny into a successful future, the senior managers of an organization must own and implement their core business strategies. 

The primary goal of The Norsworthy Company is to support senior management in being confident in its own strategies by providing:

  • Insight and guidance on the future direction of your markets, including potential changes to the profit dynamics;
  • Assessments of your core capabilities, including future capabilities that will be necessary;
  • Anticipated actions of current and future competitors;
  • Fact-based, analytically-robust expected outcomes of viable strategy options;
  • Recommendations as to how to keep strategic flexibility in highly uncertain environments.

We do the work of good strategy consultants.  We do it well.  The crucial difference is that we get close to senior management, ensure they are deeply involved throughout the process, and incorporate their guidance throughout the strategy development process.  We understand what you do well and what challenges you will face as the world shifts around you.  Your organization will be eager to work together in a taking the organization to in a new direction because the key functional leaders are all a part of the new strategy design.

In this manner, we take strategy from an intellectual exercise and make it possible to SHIFT with confidence.