Joe Norsworthy is one of the most innovative yet practical strategists who focuses on travel and tourism.

His firm, The Norsworthy Company, LLC provides strategy and business development consulting services to leaders in travel, tourism, and hospitality.

The Norsworthy Company, LLC has advised a number of hospitality clients on issues ranging from market positioning, overall business strategy, branding, technology strategy, expansion planning, land use, and acquisitions and divestitures.  Examples include:

  • Conducted an assessment of a hotel chain's core capabilities and demonstrated the likely impact a potential acquisition would have in terms of needing to change these core capabilities.  The result was enhanced focus on the core business, and the acquisition was not attempted.
  • Performed a product review of an underperforming asset for a major REIT.  Demonstrated, via quantitative analysis, that the operating management had not been properly positioning the resort and was not targeting the ideal segment.  In addition to developing a coherent, market-based turnaround strategy, Joe Norsworthy also demonstrated that additional value could be unlocked by repurposing some real estate parcels and by developing others.
  • Conducted a rigorous market analysis of two major cities in which a firm was contemplating new entry.  Key insight was the one market was still growing rapidly while another market was a closer fit the client's core skills.  Insight led to the conclusion that different market entry strategies would be required in each market.
  • Proposed innovative ideas for land development of a major firm in central Florida.  Proposal would significantly increase value of the property, add complementary businesses to client, and still create synergy with existing assets.

In his distinguished corporate career, Joe Norsworthy was a senior executive with Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  He held key executive positions in brand management, finance, Internet development, and strategic planning.  A few of Joe Norsworthy's key accomplishments at Disney include:

  • Led overall strategy development that led to the pursuit of a new business model after three decades of following the original business model.
  • Defined the need for a complete overhaul of the web strategy.  Led the effort to create a new organization and new corporate capabilities that align with the overall business strategy.  Created new strategy and implemented new direction.
  • Proposed new pricing strategy that became the foundation for new pricing model.  In previous pricing work, proposed elimination of single-day discounting in order to achieve greater value capture through bundling.
  • Proposed much more focused International marketing and sales strategy, which was quickly adopted.
  • Supported most senior leaders of the Sales and Distribution organization in creating a new global distribution strategy that built a stronger leadership position in a very dynamic environment.
  • Redesigned the compensation and incentive system for the 2000+ agent call center.  Aligned metrics, rewards, and incentives to match new corporate direction.
  • Led all strategy work for Disney Cruise Lines as the second ship was preparing for launch.  Established correct market positioning that led to a sustainable advantage in a very profitable niche of the cruise industry.
  • Correctly anticipated that a US-led coalition would invade Iraq approximately 12-14 months before troops entered the country.  This insight allowed operations and other support functions to make early adjustments to the cost base, saving tens of millions of dollars as demand inevitably waned during the early war period.
  • Strategically prepared the company for the significant investment and expansion by a local competitor, Universal Studios.  Correctly predicted Universal's business strategy and recommended the appropriate competitive response.  Universal fell well short of its financial targets, and Disney successfully defended its strong market position in central Florida.

To contact Joe for references or to receive a copy of his resume, please call The Norsworthy Company, LLC at (877) NORSWORTHY.  We can also discuss your specific strategic needs.  Please see the information on the "Philosophy" page to better understand how we can add value to your organization together.